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Doom buggy

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Picture a dune buggy with tires large enough that there is a clearance below, above, front, and back of the body of the vehicle of, oh, say a foot and a half or so.
Now picture that the rims are five spoke, but dished outwardly so that the buggy could never come to rest on it's side and when you are moving they will be able to be seen through for maximum visibility.
The engine needs to be able to continue to running in any position including upside down, and the transmission is geared in such a way that there are reverse gears identical to the forward gears.
The suspension system would also need to be identical whether the vehicle is right side up or inverted.
The roll cage is completely separate from the entire drive train and engine, and is in essence a delayed gimbal system with a mercury switch that activates if the vehicle is inverted for more than a few seconds.

All control from inside the roll cage, (steering, gas, breaks, gears, etc.), are remote, via short range transmitters.

Take any jump, flip, roll and give'r to your hearts contentment.


normzone, Nov 15 2006

       4x4, internal combustion, un-wipeout-able, dune zorb.   

       Underwear optional.   

       I drew this car 20+ years ago and its still a good idea. I think its baked in a remote control toy but bun anyway. +
pydor, Nov 15 2006

       "Give'r gummer give'r gummer!"
zen_tom, Nov 15 2006


       A little blind spider took the wheel   

       Navigatin grass blades completely by feel   

       Got a sassy chassis, sparklin in the sun   

       All four small bald fat tires Rockin through the sand and burnin up   

       Little dune buggy in the sand   

skinflaps, Nov 15 2006

       dont the make RC cars like this? ill look for a link later (when i get to work)   

       p.s. was that a Presidents of the United States of America Reference [skinflaps]?
bleh, Nov 15 2006

       + I'd go for a ride.
xandram, Nov 16 2006

       If you have the reverse gear before the other gears, then you would only need one set of gears.
BJS, Nov 17 2006

       Engine choices: IC with the same mods as on aerobatic piston aircraft, turbine, electric with sealed batteries.   

       I'll take two. +
elhigh, Nov 22 2006

       Make it a huge fricken two-wheeled segway.
Custardguts, Aug 13 2008

       No doubt there is a video game like this. Certainly there are many "first person" view driving games and have been for years. I have never seen one in which the view switched to upside-down, which would be kind of cool.   

       Speaking of views, another good view for said driving game would be one in which you drove through a region that was pitch black, and which you had to illuminate by firing your photon torpedoes. It would take some computing power to move the illumination such that it seemed to be coming from a moving torpedo, but there seems to be plenty of that these days.   

       This driving game would be full of monsters (DOOM buggy, after all), the weaker of which could be run down, but which could hurt you when you went slow or crashed and came to a stop. The dark part would be scarier.
bungston, Aug 13 2008


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