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Cubic, with a wheel at each corner.
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Sling the "car" inside a reinforced cube, with a wheel at each corner, so four of them are (usually) in contact with the road surface. Weight the bottom of the "car" with the motor so it is self-righting within a gimbal frame.

Drive the wheels using electric motors powered by the engine/generator situated under the floor of the passenger capsule.

Outer wheels are captive ball castors, driven by the electric motors from inside the cage structure.

Steering is achieved by CnC positioning of the electric motors against the castors / outer wheels, with movement in three co-ordinate directions changing the point of application against the exposed side of the castors inside the cage.

"Car" is always upright, even if it flips.
Cage absorbs crash damage, protecting the occupants.
Cage size can be standardised, to facilitate stacking, parking and traffic management calculations.

UnaBubba, Jan 14 2013


       I'll set a month aside to read the service manual (+).
normzone, Jan 14 2013

       For a powered electric generator, eight electric motors and a roll cage with a safety capsule inside it? A month?
UnaBubba, Jan 14 2013

       I'm assuming the service bulletins will require a few weeks.
normzone, Jan 14 2013

       Why? This has already been done with a conventional car. I've simply added a box around it and made it rollproof.
UnaBubba, Jan 14 2013

       That's what the marketing and software people always say. May I audit the design control records?
normzone, Jan 14 2013

       If that's what floats your boat. Go for it.
UnaBubba, Jan 14 2013

       ooohhh the car stays upright... now I get it   

       Just drive your car inside a Hamster bubble. Then it'll roll with purpose.   

       Also cars with arms can right themselves. And clean snow off themselves as well.
Brian the Painter, Jan 14 2013


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