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Door "Forearm"dle

Door handle that can be operated with the forearm
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This door handle design would be good for public libraries or other buildings where there are a lot of people going in and out. Instead of a handle that gets dirty and passes germs from user to user, the door to a public building could have a lever that could be operated with the forearm -- maybe a lip or a hook that the user could hook their forearm into and then manipulate the locking mechanism. This would allow a user to keep their hands to themselves.
JesusHChrist, Feb 13 2006

Door opener bar http://www.gai.org.uk/prod_four.php
scroll down a bit [csea, Feb 13 2006]

Power door openers http://www.accessib...werdooropeners.html
motorized door opener [csea, Feb 13 2006]


       I like this - not because of the hygiene angle, but because it caters to clumsy people carrying stacks of books.
jutta, Feb 13 2006

       Many public buildings already have this (at least in the USA) - and it can be operated by hip or butt motion, too. See [link.]   

       I'm constantly frustrated by latches that only operate by pulling "down" or "up" - what seems natural doesn't always work.   

       I'm surprised that more places don't have foot-activated latches. But possibly these don't work for those with disabilities.
csea, Feb 13 2006

       Yes, baked everywhere in the US of A. [csea] has it right on target. Not the first two pictures, but the next 4, especially the touch-bar ones. Openable with any body part, as long as it exerts pressure.
DesertFox, Feb 13 2006

       All of the examples in [csea]'s link are for exiting doors. Could you design a similarly simple "forearm"dle for doors which you wish to enter, that is, those that require being pulled toward the user? That's what I'd want most if I was returning a stack of books to the research library.
jurist, Feb 13 2006

       its all very well, if you are carrying a pile of books and operate a forearm-dle as long as the door is a push-me rather than a pull me type door - then it becomes a formidable...
po, Feb 13 2006

       See second [link] for generic power door openers; a variety of switches (including floor mats and infrared "electric eyes") can be used to open these.   

       Models are available to swing either way. (Hmm, great straight line - did I write that?)
csea, Feb 13 2006

       Yes, I'm aware of that, but I'm still working on bringing my fiancee' around to the idea.
normzone, Feb 13 2006

       Is this not the same thing as the doors that open to an OR, that the surgeon opens by jabbing his elbow against?   

       That would satisfy [jurist's] requirement as well, as the door opens towards the surgeon, to prevent the swoosh of air from blowing germs into the OR.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2006


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