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Double Car/Van

Car/Van has two steering wheels at opposite ends and instead of backing out, the car can simply drive out forward
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Car has two "fronts" and can pull out/pull in or even turn around w/o rotating the whole vehicle

(I need to get better at writing clearly...this is my 1st)

thisnow1, Jun 30 2004

Malec http://www.paulsen.no/malec/
Modified car w/ dual steering [5th Earth, Aug 16 2005]

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       Lets see: no magic, no bad science, no genetic engineering...sweet   

       Not bad for a first, welcome to the halfbakery!
swimr, Jun 30 2004

       a great 1st idea [+]
How about having one steering wheel and one set of seats, but have the cabin rotate like the turret of a tank?
reap, Jun 30 2004

       I've got a video of a rather small car (think original mini sized, though that's not what it was) that this was done to... but I don't know any link to it.
5th Earth, Jul 01 2004

       I've seen this done to the Mini, the VW Beetle and the Lada.
angel, Jul 01 2004

       Like a train?
MikeOliver, Jul 01 2004

       Yeah, I used to drive past one every day, had two engines and everything... it was a chevelle. But I can't find anything on the net. It would be interesting to modernize the idea, but as far as a practical way to back out easily, consider what happens when you start using by-wire technology: you could have a car with reversable seats, and two control clusters, and with the press of a button could face the direction of the car the other way. Or even step out of the car and control it with a remote.
ooys, Aug 25 2004

       Very good.   

       Now you can drive, and then your child in the back seat can help you park :)
phundug, Aug 25 2004

       I don't know how practical this would be, plus I've seen it done by welding two fronts together. Aside from that, I love it. (+)
Freefall, Aug 25 2004

       [ooys] "consider ... by-wire technology: you could have ... two control clusters, ... Or even step out of the car and control it with a remote."   

       Or make the control panel a removeable wireless remote from the get-go, and hold it anywhere you feel comfortable. Hell, integrate a video screen and drive from the can.   

       This would certainly be useful on those land-yacht Winnebago dealies.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 11 2005

       I enjoy this overly complicated solution to a minor problem, which is not in itself cause for greatness, but in this case it works. It's like every parking space is a pull-through, even if someone is parked opposite you.   

       Also makes backing a trailer a lot easier.
oxen crossing, Aug 14 2005

       I guess this could help avoid getting ticketed for parallel parking in the wrong direction or driving on the wrong side of the road.
Jscotty, Aug 16 2005

       Good first idea - well done!   

       Might it not be a good idea to put the idea in the idea text, rather than as the subtitle/description. The subtitle could be either a witty phrase, or a short (short) description.
dbmag9, Aug 16 2005

       I wonder if such a thing would cause more parking lot collisions. I have seen instances where shopping centers required its patrons to front-end park in the spaces to curtail these incidents because people are thought to be more careful while backing out of a space vs. pulling forward out of a space where the driver is more confident and moreso careless.
Jscotty, Sep 29 2005

       good idea mate there was a version built from two series land rover front ends but required four people to drive as each person had a different control it was called the cracker and despite how frustrating reversing can be especially with a trailer it helps your spacial awareness but also if you do a good job you feel realy proud of what you have accomplised this technology was also used in a land rover pickup with rear mounted snowblower so the driver could face the task in hand thanks Nick
randylandy666, Jul 25 2007


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