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Drift Mode

Make drifting easier for drifters
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Note: Half inspired by [david_scothern]'s idea for a linked hand brake and gear stick.

Ok so I'm not a huge fan of car drifting, and I'd prefer a drag strip any day, but I can't deny that there are more and more people getting into drifting. Drifting involves a lot of skill (and almost always, a RWD car) to get the car to skid around turns.

I propose a system that would make this easier for those who attempt it. The car would be AWD, with the ability to send up to 100% of power to either the front or rear wheels (I don't think I need to spend time explaining that since I know it can be done). Well when the said drifter is just driving on the streets, the car is opperating just like any AWD car would. But in drift mode, things get interesting. First off, the front wheels are completely shut out and 100% of the power goes to the rear wheels. Except instead of a handbrake to make you skid, the regular brakes control only the rear wheels in drift mode, and the second you stomp on them, 100% of the power is immediately transferred to the front wheels so you can skid but not lose too much speed. The last part of drift mode is a radar system like the ones used in cars with automatic cruise control to detect objects that get too close. Since not all drifters are very good, the radar system could act as an emergency stability assist to prevent you from slamming your car into a wall and such (by over-riding the driver input and using traction control).

acurafan07, Jun 08 2007

Linked Gearstick and Handbrake Linked_20gearstick_20and_20handbrake
1/2 inspiring idea [acurafan07, Jun 08 2007]


       I don't think that the systems that distribute power in AWD transmissions can be changed on the fly like that. I was under the impression that it took some time in a garage.   

       Otherwise, I'd suggest keeping some of the power going to the rear wheels, maybe in a 70/30 (F/R) configuration for purposes of stability. --- so the driving characteristics of the car don't change mid-slide.
CaptainClapper, Jun 08 2007

       This might work, but not as well as a skilled driver with a rear drive car and limited slip differential. Drifting usually has more to do with overpowering the rear tires than locking them with a handbrake, although the brakes can be used to break traction at first. The AWD thing sounds like a cool idea, and I'm sure that would work with today's AWD technology.
discontinuuity, Jun 08 2007


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