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Double Sided Credit Cards

Why have an AMEX when you can have an AMEX/DINERS/DISCOV/MC/VS?
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Four magnetic strips (two per side) are put on a card. It now serves as your ATM/Check/Credit Card for multiple accounts. Lighten up that wallet.
Blumster, Jan 19 2005

(?) Half Size Credit Cards Half_20Size_20Credit-Cards
This is another example of a simple improvement on our credit cards. [Blumster, Jan 19 2005]


       Better make sure you swipe it correctly, or you'll charge the wrong account.   

       Anyway, it seems like with the right components (a magnetic strip decoder + strip creator) this could be manufacturable for the home. May be pretty useful!
phundug, Jan 19 2005

       Jscottpete, maybe you don't understand that idea. This is not some universal card. It is simply a mechinism by which credit cards (not designed for any real standard) can be improved. I'll post a link pertaining to the ineffeciency of the credit card. It is the half size CC by oniony, and another great idea might I add.
Blumster, Jan 19 2005

       What do Amex, Diners, Dicover, MC, VS have in common? They are all competitors, they would never share the same card. However, the idea of combining the ATM and Credit Card is not bad. It is so not bad, that it already exists. I can use my debit card to access my credit card.
cuckoointherye, Jan 19 2005

       Again, I think this should be a home product that you buy, that lets you combine all your cards into one. Because as you say, the competitors would never do that with each other.   

       Problem, though: Some stores xerox your credit card to capture the number and text, and if all they've got is a strip, it won't be legal.
phundug, Jan 19 2005

       Double sided credit cards, with the same information on both sides, because there's no universal standard for which way you swipe.
yabba do yabba dabba, Jan 19 2005

       Considering we're all moving to PIN and Chip style cards and the magnetic strip is being phased out, the best one can hope for is a card with a chip at both ends. Half the card could be designed for your bank,the other half for your buidling society, or whatever you prefer.
[ sctld ], Jan 20 2005


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