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Double Sided Jigsaw Puzzle Guide

A clear cue allows the use of chromatically similar images without the need for additional isomeric or otherwise compromising indications.
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This is a very simple idea. Jigsaw puzzles are frequently produced with images on both sides to double their play interest. Usually this is done using images of dramatically different chromatic ranges so the side of the piece or by giving every piece a similar "handedness" so they can be clearly distinguished. This sucks. My idea is to laminate two different colors of card stock together to produce a piece whose faces can be clearly be distinguished from the side. The thick cardboard stock can easily accommodate this technique allowing for a double sided puzzle without the additional hassle of trying to figure out which image the pieces might be part of, and allowing for both images to be of the same genre, say, Castles, or Horses.

I am only somewhat sure that this is not already done.

WcW, Jun 17 2012


       the picture on one side of the jigsaw could include a smaller image of the picture on the other side; including the smaller image of the picture on the other side...
po, Jun 18 2012

       from the side the pieces will apear as a layer cake with a top and bottom layer of different colors, thus making up and down clearly visible in a way that the human eye can easily distinguish.
WcW, Jun 18 2012

       I appreciate the concept, but generally isn't the idea of two back-to-back jigsaw puzzles to make completion harder, rather than to have two puzzles to solve? I suppose some people may like having a choice but dislike any added difficulty.   

       Also - nice one po.
Loris, Jun 18 2012

       What [bigsleep] said
Dub, Jun 18 2012

       That's what I said.
UnaBubba, Jun 19 2012


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