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Dress for an interview

Always be in the right attire for an interview
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Inspired by 'Dress *for the job*'

Every time I go for an interview I have to think about what to wear to make an impression and then I thought, why isn't there a company which does this:

1. Every morning scan through the classifieds to see where the interviews are happening

2. Set up shop outside half an hour early with the required clothes! Like if it was IBM, have blue shirts, or if it was a legal firm have the corresponding dark suits and ties, or if the job is for a football coach, have the shorts, t-shirts, maybe add a whistle even!

3. Every interviewee can come there, pay a nominal charge, change over into something the company wants to see them in, and attends the interview. If they get through, they can optionally choose to by the clothes!

abh1jit, Aug 03 2004


       And here's me thinking this would be a dress with various phrases printed on the sleeves. "I believe I would be an asset to your company" - "I think that working here would allow me to fully realise my ambitions" etc. Of course, the answer to the question "why are you a bloke wearing a big flouncy dress?" would be printed on the label that's been scratching at the back of your neck ever since you first sat down.
lostdog, Aug 03 2004

       Of course, have all the classifieds cut and pasted onto sheets so when the time comes: "So, _____, do you have any questions?"  You'll be have a ready-made deluge of persnickety questions for the interviewer, such as "XXX company seems to put double the ad size down, are you prepared to seek for the longer term?" or "YYY company mentions scalable and I don't see that in today's ad. How do you plan to gain market share?"
dpsyplc, Aug 03 2004

       There's just not enough interviewing volume at one site to possibly break-even on the on-site clothing rentals (& changing rooms). And wearing rented clothes can make people more unconfortable, which backfires in projecting self-confidence in interviews.
sophocles, Aug 03 2004

       I'm reluctant to try wearing a dress to an interview....
normzone, Aug 05 2004

       This dressing like the company drone can backfire. I am sure that one of the reasons Target never called back was that I was wearing a red shirt and white pants at the interview.   


       Setting up such a rental booth next to a Job Fair where thousands are looking and hundreds are interviewing makes more sense. Ties are mostly one size fits all but the rest of the outfit would require many different sizes.
popbottle, Dec 05 2015

       I have zero experience, but I would imagine that you are supposed to be able to guess accurately, or perhaps automatically be able to decide appropriately, what you should wear to an interview and that it would be a sign that you would fit in if you succeeded. Otherwise it would be like handing candidates a list of the "right" answers to interview questions.
nineteenthly, Dec 05 2015

       //the job-getting-impeders that are interviewing will only select people of a certain size, colour, sex, build, accent, hairstyle, cultural fit. There only need be one size — employee size.//   

       I have never had a job interview, or at least I have never realized I was having one. I am pretty certain that if I had looked as though I fit a pattern, I would not have got the positions. Equally, when I have been in a position to employ people, I have generally rejected the ones that look or act as if they'd fit in well.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2015

       Well there you go: evidence supporting my complete lack of experience in this area.
nineteenthly, Dec 05 2015

       //evidence supporting my complete lack of experience in this area// That would make you ideally qualified. Experience just teaches you want can't be done.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2015

       "Experienced people are of no use, for they have already learned the limits of the possible..."
8th of 7, Dec 05 2015

       Thanks, I shall remember that if I need my appendix removed. And to think I would've considered a qualified surgeon!
nineteenthly, Dec 06 2015

       What brought popbottle to write about this last week after 11 years?   

       Could this be him? http://twicsy.com/u/ABH1JIT
pashute, Dec 14 2015

       Could you put that image on a website that has less obnoxious extraneous stuff on the page and that my privacy- and security-oriented browser extensions won't object to? I cannot view the image on that site without jumping through hoops. I suggest imgur.
notexactly, Dec 15 2015

       I had a Skype interview, and the only WiFi spot was in the shopping centre, and I got a piano accompaniment.   

       Whilst it didn't do much for the interview, it would make interviews less tedious if done silent movie style, with dialogue on big bits of paper and a pianist in the corner knocking out the incidental music on the johanna.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 15 2015

       My browser is set to random. Every time I open my browser I look at a new idea, sorry if the comments seem out sync.
popbottle, Dec 16 2015


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