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Elimicandidate Job Interviews

"Elimidate" style job interviews.
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Four (or more) qualified, pre-screened candidates show up at the same time for an extended job interview. As the interview progresses through different skill assessments and personal meetings, candidates are eliminated one by one.

Could alternately be done in the style of "Survivor" where the candidates themselves vote each other out, especially good for more competitive sales positions. There should certainly be more active, fun challenges - candidates (and interviewers!) might actually enjoy going to job interviews!

justfred, Apr 26 2002

Job interview obstacle course http://www.halfbake...20obstacle_20course
The "Survivor" version [phoenix, Apr 26 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This is pretty much the way it goes now, but you're spared the trouble of being there in person.
phoenix, Apr 26 2002

       The final round would be chosen by the employer but the earlier rounds would be decided by peer voting? This leads to the obvious strategy of voting off the most competent person in the first round. Brilliant.
bingo foo, Apr 26 2002

       I recently had to hire a graphic designer/artist. I had four candidates come in, I briefly looked at their portfolios, and then I gave them 3 names of hypothetical companies and a brief "summary" of what each company did. I then escorted them to drafting tables and gave them 1 hour to design logos for the companies and create some graphics to go on "websites" for the companies. At the end of an hour, I was very pleased with the results produced by one young lady and she got the job. How's that for an interview?
runforrestrun, Apr 26 2002

       [rfr]: I consider logo design to be a speciality unto itself.  It's common for logo design to be considered separately from the rest of a large design project and handled by another artist or design house.  So, my take on your approach is that if the main role of the design job you offered was logo creation, hey, you done good.  If it wasn't, you might find that you hired the wrong person.   

       How is she working out?
bristolz, Apr 26 2002

       She's doing extremely well! Logo work is a specialty and I knew I had a creative person when she could do great logos and fun graphics!
runforrestrun, Apr 26 2002

       Later, when your smiles come off and your romp begins to look more like treesitting on the North slope -- you'll be sitting with compatable peers.   

       Are you taking us to die in the wilderness with nothing but croissants to eat everyday?
reensure, Apr 26 2002

       [bingo foo] has a point. Perhaps you play through; then at the end of the day tell the final two you'll mail them your answer. Send rejection letters to those two, then hire the first guy voted out.
phoenix, Apr 27 2002


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