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Dressing Puzzled People

3D jigsaw toy for tots and couch tators
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I’m sure you’ve noticed how many of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle look like little people – figures standing bowlegged with matchstick-shaped heads and arms out wide. This puzzle product would feature one fourth of its pieces as these in modest underwear and the rest of the pieces as clothing: tank tops, T-shirts, dress shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, coats and hats.

All the pieces in thin cardboard with slightly sticky backs fit together in only one unique way to make a large rectangle and can be sold in colored and to-be-colored versions. The puzzle people can also be separately assembled with the precise-fitting puzzle clothes in layers on top of them. For variety, one shirt might fit three figures and one skirt four jigsaw-Janes, etc.

The adult puzzle would feature layer-clothed figures that can be stripped, including removing sexy underwear, resulting in puzzle pieces that can then be assembled to an ordinary flat puzzle – ordinary except for the nude figures interlocked with each other in imaginative positions.

FarmerJohn, Jul 02 2004

some look like conjoined twins http://infoatlantic...rces/art/puzzle.jpg
[po, Oct 05 2004]


       I knew this was your idea from a mile away. +
sartep, Jul 07 2004

       Hummm... it looks like that one pieces head would just fit between the other ones legs... OMG! What are they doing?
James Newton, Jul 27 2006


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