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Drinks First Menu

Beverage selection on first page
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At your average restaurant, once seated, you recieve a menu. You open the menu and immediately before you are the various entres. Shortly after, the waiter asks for your drink selection. Of course, you have forgotten they always ask this first, and neglected to turn to the back page to find the beverage listing.

Menus should have the drinks listed on the first page. It would be the first thing people see, and would remind them to make their selection before the waiter arrives.

Aq_Bi, Feb 09 2005


       do different restaurants serve different beverages where you live? here in aMAREka you ask for a coke and they say, "is pepsi okay?"
changokun, Feb 09 2005

       in the restaurants i frequent there is usually a separate menu for drinks.
benfrost, Feb 09 2005

       All the franchise restaurants I have been to suffer from this problem. In the US, nearly every restaurant provides either coke or pepsi products, but never both.
Aq_Bi, Feb 09 2005

       You might like Red Robin's approach. A big menu with entres on one side, and drinks and appetizers on the other. They set it down or hand it to you drink side up. I find their menu annoyingly large.
swamilad, Feb 09 2005


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