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Drip, drip, drip goes my mind

Large asthetic water clocks.
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Bring 'em back! Water clocks. Big ones, with more of a hourly progression throguh some maze of wells and chutes and colors and sprays and fountians. More like timed fountians, with different events occuring at different hours of the day. Put 'em in big offices, near alot of traffic, so everyone can have a more enjoyable way of gauging the passage of time in their day.

You could see the water spraying blue stright up in the air, and you know its 30 mins to noon, almost time for lunch!

Hopefully, the inclusion of a giant awesome water clock fountian thing in the office would improve worker morale and productivity.

daseva, May 24 2005

Not tick-tock, but drip-drop... http://www.mlahanas...eeks/Ctesibius1.htm
[normzone, May 25 2005]


       [+] for the idea. Another, largely decorative [+] if you can tell us who perfected the water clock.
justaguy, May 24 2005

       Or at least get people moderately wet.
hidden truths, May 24 2005

       One of those spooky italians, no?   

       Bernou... Da Vin... Galileo!
daseva, May 24 2005

       Ktesibios of Alexandria (circa 270 BC).   

       One of my favorite forgotten inventors.
justaguy, May 24 2005

       Yeah, it wouldn't do that... It would be just festive enough... and a centerpiece for the really nice offices, perhaps pooling and winding throught he office, the stream passes different parts at different times, the stone frogs near my desk always start spitting water when its time to take that afternoon break. No more boring watches!
daseva, May 25 2005

       You say Ctesibius, I say Ktesibios... Let's call the whole thing Greek. Thanks for the link!   

       I'm thinking about putting a water clock in my back yard now.
justaguy, May 25 2005


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