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Driverless car race

In search of the fastest driverless car
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When driverless cars beat humans at Formula 1 or the world rally championship, I will suspend my AI skepticism, but we're nowhere near that.

In the meantime, an international self-driving car race would entertain and help advance the technology. Or maybe it would just embarrass the industry.

PipSqueak, Mar 04 2019


       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [Pip]!   

       Nice idea, and probably doable. I suspect self-driving F1 would be simpler than driving on a regular road, if only because the track is known and safety is probably less critical. Perhaps the driverless cars should carry their programmer as an inert passenger, to add to the spice?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2019

       I'm amazed this hasn't been thought of before. With the battle on for companies to create practical driverless cars this would be something that could actually happen. We know we love mechanical competitions from the great and successful show "Battlebots" from many years ago.   

       Welcome the HB. Great idea! [+]
doctorremulac3, Mar 04 2019

       For a driverless car race, it really needs to be on a more interesting track. It could include random simulated pedestrians, tight spaces, traffic lights, rogue self driving cars that violate traffic rules, etc. Time penalties could be given for hitting pedestrians or otherwise violating traffic safety rules, but to make it a real-time race, cars are held up at the end of each lap. The final lap is penalty free, so cars will have a special mode where they don't yield to pedestrians or observe traffic laws. This will lead people to worry what would happen if the code for that mode ended up in a car in the real world.
scad mientist, Mar 05 2019

       Welcome to the 50%, Pip!
Voice, Mar 06 2019

       Stick them on Mars and leave them to it. Given time, they'll evolve and come back to Earth for a game of race the human.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 06 2019

       [+] Would watch for sure (and I have very little interest in watching human-driven racing). Especially if there are visualizations of what the cars are seeing and thinking!   

       Prior (and slower) art: DARPA Grand Challenge (desert autonomous driving challenge—no finishers, IIRC), DARPA Urban Grand Challenge (subsequent urban autonomous driving challenge—more success), NXP Cup (only seen an ad for it but I think it's a faster race than the DARPA ones, and it's specifically for students)
notexactly, Mar 07 2019


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