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Driveway Friendly Snowplow

Snowplow that doesn't fill in your driveway.
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Ever shovel out your driveway only to have the snowplow come by again and fill it in with a foot or two of heavy, icy, chunky snow? Why not ask your ever-benevolent town to spend some of the big bundles of cash they never fail to collect every year to add a little feature to their big plows? Namely, a flat plate that flips down on the right end of the plow blade to briefly block the cascade of snow from going smack into your freshly-cleared driveway entrance. Come to a driveway, flip down the plate, carry that snow past said driveway, then flip up and the snow goes where the driveway isn't. Could even be triggered by a snowbank opening sensor. Call it a smart plow.
flypaper, Jul 23 2014

adjustable side tab plow http://www.westernp...wp/showroom/wideout
[Laughs Last, Jul 23 2014]

Street_20gang_20plow [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 25 2014]


       C4 would be your friend for this one, we think. Fifty grams every metre or so, on det cord.
8th of 7, Jul 23 2014

       In Chicago a mayor lost the election due to streets not being plowed quickly. The new mayor had one snowplow followed by a conga line of tow trucks. The snowed-in parked cars were yanked out almost as quickly as the plow could progress. Was fun to watch.   

       Certainly proved to me all politics is local. Vote early and vote often.
popbottle, Jul 25 2014

       I knew I'd read this idea before...   

       // Vote early and vote often //   

       Everyone knows that American politicians are the best that money can buy ...
8th of 7, Jul 25 2014

       Thank you 2 fries. Baked for sure. Just not in my town.
flypaper, Jul 25 2014

       I don't know about baked, I just had the same idea is all.   

       I forgot an important rule: search Halfbakery before posting!
flypaper, Jul 28 2014

       Looks fairly redundant to me, given 2 fries posting. In fact it's almost identical.
xenzag, Jul 29 2014


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