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Street gang plow

Not streetgang plow, street gangplow.
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Have you ever finished shoveling a foot or so of snow from your driveway only to have the snowplow come along minutes later and deposit a three foot mound of slushy, salt, and grit filled snow across the access to it?
Well come for a visit.
I'll tell my wife that I'm not shirking my shoveling duties, but merely waiting for help to arrive.

When that doesn't work, I'll finish the driveway and then get back to figuring out how to file a class action suit to recoup the wages that the city keeps forgetting to send me for the hours spent cleaning up behind them.

When that doesn't work, I think I might build them a prototype attachment for existing plow blades that will allow the equipment operator to deploy a side chute that traps any snow from leaving the side of the blade long enough to pass a standard double driveway before raising and dumping the excess on my lawn which I seldom shovel.

If that doesn't work then I'm going to give up and go Amish.


When that doesn't work...

...and when that doesn't work... Ho_20Ho_20Ho_2c_20l...0it_20snow_2e_2e_2e
...you could use this... [blissmiss, Feb 07 2010]

Pretty much exactly what I had in mind. https://www.faceboo...eos/887080212107488
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 16 2021]


       I think the Amish also benefit from plowed streets. I remember as a kid giggling when the snowplow came along and placed a meter-high wall at the end of the driveway... not so funny now.   

       If you place a case of beer at the end of the driveway just before the plow comes (which of course is just as you finish shovelling the rest of the driveway) the operator will have to stop to pick it up, giving you a chance to plea or threaten as you desire.
FlyingToaster, Feb 06 2010

       I kindof like 'Streetgang plow,' living here in Detroit. I'm thinking something like the Herkimer Battle- Jitney from Mystery Men.
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2010

       //clever American answer//
And what do you do with the snow that's been rude enough to fall in front of the driveway ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010

       I live on a farm where no-one clears the road to town. A gang of snow plows would be more useful to me.
Riki, Feb 07 2010

       I am thinking that an explosive charge with "heaving" property might be deployed in a plow-created berm to easily remove it.
bungston, Feb 08 2010

       A cratering charge, such as ammonium nitrate, shirley?
MikeD, Feb 08 2010

Now a thing. [link]


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