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Drought Denier

Organized Grime Syndicate
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In big cities a lot of food waste can be collected by an organized system of mobile waste depot pick-ups, which strategically collect all organic food waste.

The depot station processes such wastes into specially made compressed compost squares. With example dimensions of 1m * 1m * 50mm, and probably weighing about 30-40kg.

The compressed compost squares are made by fermenting the biomass, then treating with fungus, allowing the fungus to grow for at least a week. The product is then heated to about 50 degrees Celsius for at least two hours and desiccated. After being shredded, the press extracts any remaining liquid, and compresses the square blocks. After being irradiated and baked for 5 minutes, most microbes that may pose a pathogenic hazard should be rendered harmless.

The resultant squares can be vacuum packed and shipped off to areas being affected by drought.

Once laid out in the dry lands, these squares could cover the land undergoing desertification. This highly absorbent biodegradable mass will absorb all moisture around it and eventually become part of the soil.

Using a sister technology in junction with the Drought Denier Compressed Compost Squares, the SeedBall Blitz Drones and Air Balloon Ball Bombers we can expect dying lands to be revitalized, denying drought from taking root!

The seed dispersal could be agricultural crops or native vegetation, or other beneficial plants that can withstand moderate drought. Trees are critical in most situations. this last paragraph is a beginning of another idea.

AngelEleven, Jan 12 2016

With AE's idea, Roman parasites could've been avoided http://www.cbc.ca/n...parasites-1.3395778
AngelEleven, consider moving this idea directly into production phase [Sgt Teacup, Jan 12 2016]

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       Let's just do this, everywhere, all over the world.   

       Romans were long assumed to have solved the problem of hygiene and recycling. Recent research shows they had fairly good running water and sewers, sure, but they used fresh human fecal matter on their crops, rather than properly aged and prepared humanure, leading to rates of intestinal parasites on par with the Vikings. Let's not repeat history, people.
Sgt Teacup, Jan 12 2016

       //intestinal parasites on par with the Vikings//

Ah! That'll explain Blair Walsh then.
DrBob, Jan 12 2016

       Not the Minnesota Vikings, [DrBob]. Unexpected lateral thinking> CommentBun for you: +
Sgt Teacup, Jan 12 2016

       Less than 40 Denier can be impractible imho.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 12 2016

       //That'll explain Blair Walsh then.// Didn't he do a movie project?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2016

       Yeah it would be great to get this in production! Anyone got 10 trucks, for a city with a million residents, a spare factory and a distribution network we can use?   

       1km2 is a million blocks, so we would need to produce in the millions to make it viable. Not sure is 1 city is enough to supply the required biomass. Perhaps a population of 5 million could be used.   

       Additionally the blocks can be packed like a chess board, alternating blank squares with blocks.   

       The vacuum packaging material is decomposed by strong light and water, into lignin cellulose fibres.   

       To ensure that parasites etc aren't a problem, upon packaging the vacuum packaging replaces air with sulphur dioxide then seals by extracting all the remaining air sulphur dioxide.
AngelEleven, Jan 13 2016

       This is probably the most confusing combination of category, title, and subtitle I've ever seen here. (Not saying you should change any of them.)
notexactly, Jan 13 2016

       >not sure is 1 city is enough...   

       I keep on seeing this type of mistake. Is I see it once again, I'm going to look into is.
pashute, Jan 13 2016


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