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Drunk-Dial Wake Up Call

Need to wake up ungodly early? get an entertaining wake up call!
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Need to wake up around 4am to catch that early flight? Want a way that will wake you up for sure? Pop online the night before to DrunkMeWake.com and put your number and time of wake up. Wake up the next morning to a badgering idiot yelling at you about how cool his pants are! You're welcome.

Love to drunk dial? Do you find yourself drunk dialing people as late as 6am? Just put the DrunkMeWake number in your phone and give us a drunk dial. DrunkMeWake will anonymously connect you to someone who actually wants to be woken up by your ape-like ranting! You're welcome.

goodmars, Jan 13 2009


       ooo that would be cool, like there's no sleep button.
goodmars, Jan 13 2009

       Would this have a four letter word filter or something of the kind? Anyway [+]
PauloSargaco, Jan 14 2009

       All words are fair game at DrunkMeWake. Our goal is to get you up.
goodmars, Jan 14 2009

       This should be on a radio station or something so it starts without you picking up the phone.
phundug, Jan 14 2009

       That could be the "B" list... a live broadcast mixing all the calls together for people who aren't signed up for it; wake up to the sound of a bunch of people getting woke up by drunks.
FlyingToaster, Jan 14 2009

       My flatmate used to supply this service to me quite regularly. About once a week for year or so...
"Jay Bee!"
"Ugh!.. He...hello?"
"Yo. Jay BEE!"
"Ahh. How are you? How was the club?"
"Grrrrreat. I'm at the Maggie - I'm getting Scooby snacks. D'ya wan one?"
"Err... No. Thanks"
"You sure. Ah we- No mate, just tomato sauce; aye, cheers - What? Jay Bee? Right I'll catch you later."
"Ok big man - see ya" <slumps back into bed>
Jinbish, Jan 14 2009

       A friend of mine goes through phases of drunk dialling. I remember the few months he spent calling people, shouting a randomly chosen word, and hanging up.   

       It was still better than the singing phase.
hidden truths, Jan 14 2009

       Great stuff.
calum, Jan 15 2009

       anyone use drunkmewake this weekend?
goodmars, Jan 17 2009

       What's your number, [goodmars]?
wagster, Jan 17 2009

       If you can wake me up at 6 tomorrow, I might actually consider.
goodmars, Jan 18 2009

       I used 50% of this service on Saturday. I'm not proud.
goodmars, Jan 29 2009

       I like how it benefits the drunk-dialer (better to connect to someone that wants to receive your babblings than a friend or ex) and the recipient. The best calls can be recorded to be played to wake someone up when no drunk-dialer is available.
paix120, Feb 01 2009

       There should probably be a category here for drunk posting. It would save a lot of confusion and fishbones.
wagster, Feb 02 2009

       Halfbakery drunk. Satisfying the niche of drunk posters, nice.
goodmars, Feb 10 2009

       I wonder what Charles' half-bakery pseudonym is.
pertinax, Feb 11 2009

       //I wonder what Charles' half-bakery pseudonym is//
coprocephalous, Feb 11 2009

       they should make a website with a bunch of drunk calls from people that have called DrunkMeWake.com   

       this would be funny.
goodmars, Feb 26 2009

       Yes we can!   

energy guy, Feb 27 2009

       Very nice. I like the international aspect too. Drunk people shout loudly enough to overcome language differences.   

       I think the phone should ring back repeatedly if there was not witty banter or at least stroppy swearing provided by the awakened, as proof of wakefulness
bungston, Feb 28 2009

goodmars, Mar 07 2009

       the drunkmewake alarm clock!
goodmars, Mar 16 2009


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