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water cooled dry air chiller
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ok, when does halfbakery change to keywords instead of categories... This belongs in Product:Fan Home:Air conditioning, Home:Humidity control, science:heat...

Anyways: This device sprays cold water into the air, then removes the humidity before sending the air out to the room.

Air conditioning with a method that is cheap, efficient and water saving.

The heated water removed from the air is accumulated in a separate container and cooled later (at night, or when the container is taken out of the house)

Or poured out onto plants in the evening, and filled with icy cold water in the morning.

pashute, Jun 21 2012

Evaporative cooler http://en.wikipedia.../Evaporative_cooler
[xaviergisz, Jun 22 2012]


       //Heated water is stored in separate container// - for better incubation of Legionairre's disease... - maybe some sort of UV treatment of the water spray would be useful. Also, how does this remove the humidity from the air?
hippo, Jun 21 2012

       //removes the humidity //   

       // efficient//   

       Those two don't go together. Most dehumidifiers work by chilling air to get the moisture out, then heating it back up. Better to chill the air directly. Even dessicant driers are less than efficient.
MechE, Jun 21 2012

       // This belongs in Product:Fan Home:Air conditioning, Home:Humidity control, science:heat... //   

       This belongs in category "Go Away And Learn About Thermodynamics And then Come Back And Post An Idea That Makes Sense" ....
8th of 7, Jun 22 2012


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