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Dual mode engine

Not all cylinders firing under part load
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In heavy duty diesel engines the fuel consumption is very high. During the return trip if few cylinders are nor fired (4 cylinders out of 6 cylinders)

what will happen.

can we have a dataset that cuts fuelling when not required and save on fuelling.

sankar1980, Feb 24 2011

Wikipedia: Variable Displacement http://en.wikipedia...riable_displacement
I think this may be what you are describing. [zen_tom, Feb 24 2011]

Wikipedia: Variable Cylinder Management http://en.wikipedia...Cylinder_Management
Honda's version of the technology: "It uses the i-VTEC system to disable one bank of cylinders during specific driving conditions (for example, highway driving) to save fuel. The 2008 Accord takes this a step further allowing the engine to go from 6 cylinders, down to 4, and further down to 3 as the computer sees fit. Honda's VCM uses overhead cams as opposed to DaimlerChrysler's Multi-Displacement System and General Motors' Active Fuel Management pushrod systems." [zen_tom, Feb 24 2011]


       I'm pretty sure there's been talk here before about running differing numbers of cylinders depending on load, and almost sure that there are actually engines already out there that do this.
zen_tom, Feb 24 2011

       As [tom]'s link shows, the principle of not using all the cylinders all the time is widely known to exist and so this is [marked-for-deletion]. My car has an i-VTEC engine and I wish there was something on the dashboard display which told me how many cylinders it was using - it would just be nice to know, that's all.
hippo, Feb 24 2011


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