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DumbPhone OS

OS that turns your smartphone into a dumbphone.
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So, you are tired of all the fancy apps, and disturbances? All you need is a phone for emergency contacting.

DumbPhone OS comes with just that. A bare-bones open source OS, that just takes care of a phone's basic functionality, and nothing else. This also could be a good educational example introducing the coding of phone OSes.

Inyuki, Jul 16 2015

John's Phone http://johnsphones.org
Simple is best [xenzag, Jul 17 2015]

Ultra power saver mode http://www.androidc...r-samsung-galaxy-s5
[Duck Lagrange, Jul 17 2015]


       Maybe that could be a smartphone app, heh.
Vernon, Jul 16 2015

       A primary step in the bootstrapping process, I would think, and then a thread would turn on the smarts.
wjt, Jul 17 2015

       It's not quite the same but you can turn your smart phone dumb with "ultra power saver mode" see link
Duck Lagrange, Jul 17 2015


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