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Vote on who you think is a Dumbass
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I really think there whould be some sort of Directory of Really Stupid,Inane,Imcompetant or otherwise useless people. Like you could nominate someone and post that nomination. Somone else seconds it and a bunch of people vote on it. If more people vote that your a dumbass than not your name, photo and other information is posted so people know not to deal with you and to ask for someone else to help them. Of course it would need some sort of checks and balances. For example, if you nominate 10 people who are either not seconded or are voted not a Dumbass you automatically are nominated and the people you nominated get notified so that they can second it. This would prevent wide spread nomination of normal people. Business could get certified that they have no dumbasses working for them by an independant agency, kind of like ISO, Just think "Dumbass free since (INSERT DATE)!"
rooster, Mar 08 2001


       Baked. It's called a Presidential Election.
Wes, Mar 08 2001

       Dumbass's what?   

       I think you mean "Dumbasses." Get me to PA.
PotatoStew, Mar 08 2001

       I wish...My JOB is dealing with them...
StarChaser, Mar 10 2001

       I wonder why so many people on here spend their time having a pop at typos when the point of this site is to comment on the ideas.
neuro, May 09 2006

       [neuro] sometimes it's more fun that way - plus, it seems only polite to spend a little time in ensuring your idea is properly written, especially if you expect others to spend their time thinking and commenting on it.   

       And then there are some ideas so void of any thought, that the only pleasure to be gained from them is picking out the grammatical and spelling errors.   

       sp. whould, Imcompetant, Somone, independant
gr. you're
zen_tom, May 09 2006

       The odd typo can be funny, but you can usually get away with a few in an idea.   

       I see it slightly like maintaining standards. Whilst this probably sounds horribly elitist, I can't imagine anyone would rather see this site end up in txt spk like so many others are.
hidden truths, May 09 2006


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