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Dumpster Diver

Ideas from the depths of time.
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This would be a program attached to the Halfbakery that would dig up old ideas that have not been looked at for a long time (7 years, for example). I find that many older ideas are pretty good, but few votes and annos have been made because they are old, small and nobody really burrows through them. Of course, some ideas are best left alone. Perhaps ideas not meant to resurface could have a code from [jutta] that could make the Diver skip them. This wouldn't stop bad ideas though. Bad ideas, like Vagina-Jam generate discussion, therefore making it elegible for the Diver. This has already been partially baked by the bakers that occasionally go through random ideas and find an overlooked one (I have done this on several occasions, mostly because of boredom). Maybe a list of older ideas could be made for bakers to look through manually. This would help ideas be seen in a different light then from when it was first halfbaked. Once an idea has been resurfaced by the Diver, a code will be added onto the idea, preventing it from being chosen again for several years. I know we shouldn't focus on the old, but sometimes you can find the future by searching the past. This wouldn't be too hard to implement, but would be intresting to see work (if you don't like the idea of a program doing this, go with the manual-list version of this idea).
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 10 2007

For bigsleep http://www.facebook...=19829&id=676196296
(Sooner or later, I'll get around to posting the photos on Flickr. Until then, I'm afraid it's Facebook or nothing.) [DrCurry, Nov 14 2007]

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       I'd asked once for a "random unread" or "random unvoted" option that would pretty much accomplish what you want. The problem with this idea is that it's almost certainly going to keep pulling from the same pool of ideas and it's only a matter of time before you've seen them all.
phoenix, Nov 11 2007

       I'm thinking that that would be one long time.   

       You can edit your idea filtration device (IFD) so that once you vote on an idea, you'll never see it again. Also, you can filter by votes and by time. I find that the highest bunned and boned are pretty neat, but sometimes you just want to go for something that is recent yet unvoted on. Hey, it's news to you if you set it up that way!
quantum_flux, Nov 11 2007

       All your ideas sound great! I suppose the IFD could be customizable from the main page editor. That would add personality to this, letting the program give each baker a mostly unique selection of ideas. Then, when they update the idea with an anno/vote, others can see this idea along with their own ideas.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 11 2007

       It is moderately easy to come up with a sorted view that selects ideas that have not been annotated in a long time (having done that for myself one time in a previous existence when I was trying to annotate every idea on the Halfbakery). Sooner or later, though, you realize you should just go out and get a life.   

       For myself, I spent the weekend crunching through fallen leaves, and picking up particularly colorful ones. Totally pointless and highly satisfying.
DrCurry, Nov 12 2007

       bigsleep: well, actually, there weren't any other kind. See link.
DrCurry, Nov 14 2007


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