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Dutch Windmill Novelty Coffee Grinder

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Shaped like a traitional Dutch mound mill, this coffee grinder will grind your coffee beans with a twirl of its sails and will brew the perfect cup, just to your very taste.

Also available in a compact size based on the post mill and also in travel size, based on the tjasker mill.

Knut, May 09 2004

Mound mill http://www.hippoweb...drenthe/aaldenb.jpg
[Knut, Oct 04 2004]

Post mill http://www.hippoweb...brabant/bergeyk.jpg
[Knut, Oct 04 2004]

Tjasker mill http://www.hippoweb...giethoorn-noord.jpg
[Knut, Oct 04 2004]

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       The grinding mechanism is electric, but it also powers the sails, and the sails can turn themselves also. Perhaps that was not obvious from the description.
Knut, May 09 2004


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