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a dust ejecting grinder
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So it's just a normal electic coffee grinding machine up to a point. When it is time to remove the lid and pour out the grinds there should be a little button one could push and an electrostatic charge will be used to release all the fine dust that clings everywhere and the ginding cavity would be ready for the next batch in a perfectly (OK, mostly clean) clean state. The dust should fall out with the grinds.
darkspeed, Jun 18 2010


       Category suggestion: Product:kitchenware ?   

       I like this idea. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the oily nature of ground coffee beans might make the dust produced in grinding them a bit difficult to remove electostatically.   

       Perhaps one of our resident chemists will comment.   

       BTW, congrats on finding a new twist on the archetypal "grind beans... !"
csea, Jun 18 2010

       [+] and one for the pepper-mill too.
FlyingToaster, Jun 18 2010

       What about the coffee-grinder's monkey?
jurist, Jun 18 2010

       //What about acoustics?// Yes, a good application for a piezoelectric transducer, run in reverse (ac power in, vibration out.) Might be kind of noisy, though.
csea, Jun 18 2010


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