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Websites that send your snail mail
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how about a company that has a form on a website where you can write a letter email style however you put in a postal address for the address. The company then mails this to one of it's global sorting offices in an area vaguely near the the intended recipient's address. at the office the letter is printed off and sent. this would effectively reduce the time of a global mail (eg. UK to Australia) to being a local mail that takes a day or whatever and use only one first class stamp etc. OK this would be a less personal touch as the text would be in computer font and real things in an "i saw this.... and thought of you" style wouldn't be possible but for just normal mails it would be just the same. i havent really thought of the methods of getting money for this but it could either be a small subscription, pay per letter or purely adverts
dekoi, Sep 18 2001

Royal Mail http://www.royalmail.com
You have to wade through the site - For you at home/greeting cards online and possibly elsewhere. [snagger, Sep 18 2001]

Royal Mail Business http://www.royalmai...nications/index.htm
This is for people with *lots* of friends! [snagger, Sep 18 2001]

pixelletter https://www.pixelletter.de/en/
(Europe) Email -> postal mail conversion service. [jutta, Feb 12 2007]


       this might work for birthday cards etc   

       it is so nice to actually have the cards which bump onto the mat via the postman with a pretty pic or a rude message   

       also perhaps to serve eviction notices or divorce papers and the like
po, Sep 18 2001

       Sorry dekoi, baked - in a fashion. See links for Royal Mail.
snagger, Sep 18 2001

       I dunno, If I go to the trouble of actually putting a pen to paper and writing a letter or card, I'm happy to airmail it if it's going overseas. It costs maybe 3 times as much, but what is 3 times bugger all in the scheme of things? Chicken feed my friend, chicken feed.   

       I'd much rather have a hand written letter than some e-form printed at a local shop. A hand written letter is about as personal as you can get, and if the mesasage is personally important, or meant to be genuine and sincere, I always write it out by hand, corrections and spelling mistakes and all, then send it off express/airmail/courier. There is little, to my mind, more tacky than a wedding invite, love letter, etc that is printed out from a computer.   

       Why not just use email? What is the advantage here?
Custardguts, Feb 12 2007


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