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E-commerce Solution

A viable E-commerce solution
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What if internet sites sold books and movies for more than what they paid wholesale to get the products? Then these companies could turn a profit and not have to "get another round of funding" to keep their employees on the payroll for another three monthes.

Also, some companies might actually want to start doing something other than creating cool-looking logos with elliptical swooshes in them. I don't think you can keep a business running very long on simply a cool logo with alot of swishes and "@" symbols.

Also, they should make a real chunky peanut butter, not just regular chunky, super chunky.

Thanks, its been great.

vincenzo, Jun 27 2000


       Sounds like Arriva the bus company with it's @ symbol. They already do super chunky peanut butter - it's called a tin of peanuts and Lidl do them!
berlinboy, Oct 17 2000

       swooshes are cool. they make me want to buy things from people
eddidaz, Apr 12 2002


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