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ELI(n) tool

ELI5 for any age
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ELI5 means Explain Like I'm 5. It's a very helpful way of breaking down complex subjects into language that's easy to understand.

I propose to make this more generic with a tool that allows the writer to pick N for the age. The tool will have a dictionary which is the subset of the words that a person of age N would have. Example ELI5 could have a dictionary of size 10,000 whereas ELI30 would have a size of 2,0000,000.

We could also branch out into things like ELI-IQ100 (explain to me like If I'm an average person) or ELI-IQ75 (explain to me as if I have a mental disability)

ixnaum, Jun 22 2016

Up Goer Five https://www.explain.../1133:_Up_Goer_Five
[ixnaum]'s inspiration? [notexactly, Jul 18 2016]

Thing Explainer https://blog.xkcd.c...ok-thing-explainer/
[ixnaum]'s inspiration? [notexactly, Jul 18 2016]

Simple English Wikipedia https://simple.wikipedia.org/
Not customizable for different ages/English proficiencies, but relevant anyway because it does a similar thing [notexactly, Jul 18 2016]

(?) Limited language text editors https://github.com/...ob/master/README.md
It even has a Trump mode. [whatrock, Oct 04 2016]

When the dog runs off with your copy of The Sun... https://youtu.be/Uvoeh8b63J8?t=70
...and brings it back with the crossword done.. [not_morrison_rm, Oct 04 2016]


       Here is the same idea using top 1000 words in english language:   

       ELI5 means Explain Like I'm 5. It is a very good way of making things that are hard to learn easy.   

       I want to make this more easy with a tool that lets the teacher decide what age they want to write for. The tool will have a list of words that the student who is N years old would understand. Example ELI5 could have a small list and ELI30 would have a very long list because a 30 year old knows many more words than a 5 year old.   

       We could also make new things like ELI-IQ100 (explain to me like if I'm normal person) or ELI-IQ75 (explain to me like if I was stupid)
ixnaum, Jun 22 2016

       I read about a word processor (on medium.com, can't seem to find it now) that boasted a limited vocabulary. It automatically erased long or complicated words as they were typed, forcing the user to write and explain ideas simply. A variable vocabulary option would be terrific. Immediate uses might include legal forms, IRS publications, in fact anything that comes out of the government. [+]
whatrock, Jun 22 2016

       Yay! No more legalese.   

       If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough to shove down the throat of another.   

       I love it.   

       I'm tempted to say something about how mathematical expressions of that general type tend to have the letter "f" in them, representing the word "function". In this case, though, f(n)=ELI(n), and so the point I'm making is moot.
Vernon, Jun 23 2016

       Ah, found it (link).
whatrock, Oct 04 2016

       Ahh, Sun readers...
not_morrison_rm, Oct 04 2016


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