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Earth-sized Holiday Lights

Is the earth a gyroscopic generator?
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The gyroscopic generator in "Gyrocharger" (link) works because "the device applies gyroscopic precessional torque to directly convert the periodic kinetic energy of surface waves (or human gait) into continuous torque that drives a rotary electric generator."

Wouldn't the earth work this way too?

In the (linked) Gyrogen, there is a “definite” line inbetween the two parts of the gyroscope that change in relation to eachother inside of a magnetic field to generate electricity. In the earth there is no ‘definite’ line between two parts -- to make a gyroscope in the classical sense -- but the earth is flexable and liquid at its core, and it has its own magnetic field and exists in the sun’s magnetic field, so wouldn’t the whole earth act like a gyroscopic generator? If so then where does all the generated energy go? Does it leak off into space? Do I have to come up with an invention to put a question like this out there? How about an earth-sized set of holiday lights?

JesusHChrist, Jun 22 2005

Gyrocharger Gyrocharger
[JesusHChrist, Jun 22 2005]

(?) Gyrogen http://www-csgc.ucs...ATION/Isaacs04.html
[JesusHChrist, Jun 22 2005]


       I thought you meant a giant version of a certain brand of cigarettes for a moment...
Adze, Jun 22 2005


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