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Earth II

Earth II: The moon, our new home away from home.
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Earth II: Since scientists are speculating that the Moon may have a molten core, I advise that we use this to our advantage. Construct shafts from the core to the surface with distribution plants occupying the surface end of the shaft. The power needed to run the plants would come from the core, and the distribution plants would convert the energy into exhaust (nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen). Eventually there would be enough of an atmosphere to support small pockets of life, which would help increase the speed of atmospheric completion. Creating enough gravity to hold the atmosphere is still something I am unable to solve, although I am sure someone could think of something.

[Mar 21 2002]

1STDude, Mar 21 2002

Ask A High Energy Astronomer http://imagine.gsfc...nswers/980310c.html
[1STDudes link] NASA's Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics [bristolz, Mar 21 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Can you provide a link to these speculating scientists?   

       Oh, and a link to a company that makes "distribution plants [that can] convert...energy into exhaust (nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen)".
phoenix, Mar 21 2002

       [admin: URL moved to 'links.' -- bristolz]   

       I did not explain that the core was not completely molten, but did not see that as a defining factor in my idea, partially molten works for me.   

       the main qoute I am interested in fromn this article;   

       "Since small "moonquakes" have been measured, which probably originate in the core of the Moon, it could be partially molten. But for the reason described above, it can not be totally molten."   

       Since I am not a scientist, the particulars are presently beyond my technical expertise, and ability to explain 'the how' of how it would work. Thats why its called an Idea, and not a 'project'.
1STDude, Mar 21 2002

       ...and if you're going to quote someone, please give a proper attribution (so that they can be properly embarrased).
DrBob, Mar 21 2002

       I thank thee, bristolz, for moving the link to the proper location, and I apologize for my ignorance in that matter, and for that matter, I apologize for my over all ignorance in all that is. I am nothing, I know nothing, and am surrounded by...nothing.
1STDude, Mar 21 2002

       You don't need gravity to hold the atmosphere. Use multiple nested giant soap bubbles. With giant soap bubbles, a craft can go through the bubble anywhere (no door). If an outer bubble breaks, the next-lower bubble in line becomes the outer one. New ones made all the time from network of bubble generators. Think "giant bubble bath" rather than just a few big bubbles. [Ode to Lawrence Welk.]
quarterbaker, Mar 21 2002

       I know! Get Arnie to have a brain transplant, and be a spy and the aliens will make a machine and that will... oh hang on, I'm getting Deja Vu...no, Total Recall - yeah, that's it.
lubbit, Mar 21 2002

       The idea is similar to Total Recall only in the fact that it uses a machine to create an atmosphere. Other than that totally recalled, er, different.
1STDude, Mar 22 2002

       Thank you for the nomination, blissmiss. I shall endevour to live up to the requirements of the position.
1STDude, Mar 22 2002

       Wait a minute, this is just terraforming! There is nothing new about that. In fact we did it to earth way back in the 19th Century.
[ sctld ], Mar 22 2002

       Ok, this is for sctld and Rod Tiger. Yes, the Earth has been terraformed, thats why I suggested it for THE MOON, it is a proven idea. We have an over abundance of work force on this planet right now. Lets get in some zero-g training, and drop some habitats on the moon, and start getting this civilization into the 21st century. We need to stop 'resting' on the accomplishments of scientists from the ancient past, and start coing up with sound ideas for OUR future. If my idea does not appeal to you, I am sure some one's does, unless you view everything with the "hey we did that in the 16th century" view. I am through with this discussion, because I am, after all, half baked....muahahaha!!
1STDude, Mar 27 2002

       Gravity is not real it is elecromagnetic force, we must first magnetise the moon, but I suggest the other way around we should use the moon as a temporary residence while we remodel earth every mellinium or so.
wuhisn, May 06 2008


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