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Earth, EPCOT Style

a UN-run introduction to the world for Space Aliens.
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OK, So I was watching the History Channel and there was a show about the US Air Force's contingency plans in case a UFO lands in America, and this idea came to me.

I'm not a UFO nut, or a skeptic... I'm not saying that UFO's are coming next Tuesday, but... in the event that they do land somewhere in the world, shouldn't the United Nations, which is supposedly the World Government (even though the US likes to ignore it) have a plan, maybe for an offical tour or something?

...maybe an EPCOT-style pavilion that will give ET's an audio-animatronic Earth to check out before they decide if they really want to live on and/or invade this planet.

Some soft Muzak in the background, that highlights both great achievements (even though they will probably seem tame to any aliens that make it this far) and shortcomings (such as WWII/the Holocaust -- or maybe not, because that could make them want to kill us all...) would make a -perfect- introduction to our planet, This Island Earth.

~llama, Jan 17 2004


       could it have cheesy animatronics too?
benlevi7, Jan 17 2004

       While I read this, the song, "It's a small world afterall..." came out of my mouth in a high pitched child's voice. Oh no, I am having a Disneyland nightmare. Thanks for the song.
Asta, Jan 17 2004

       Sort of like the Millenium dome but on a grander, more worldly scale? It might be a good idea to have a single center for the celebration of all things human, I still see there being arguments about who did what though. While we are at it, can we put a McDonalds on the moon, to allow the aliens a place to stop off before coming down. Lots of cheese for the quater-pounders too...

Welcome back [Asta] nice to see you again.
silverstormer, Jan 17 2004

       // shouldn't the United Nations... have a plan, maybe for an offical tour or something? //   

       I think some brochures and an 800 number would suffice for now.
waugsqueke, Jan 17 2004

       Doesn't Epcot already have everything you need, including the restaurants? When they land and say "take me to your leader", just send them to Eisner.   

       Maybe then the stock will go up.   

       [waugs] can we make that a toll number for now?
theircompetitor, Jan 17 2004

       UFO's *are* coming next tuesday.   

Alternative acronyms for EPCOT, according to my relatives that work for Disney:

       Every Person Comes Out Tired
Employee Paychecks Come On Thursday

       (The latter being an accurate statement for Disney).
krelnik, Jan 17 2004


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