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Eco-cooler air conditioner modification

Nest Venturis together to further reduce temperature
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Eco-Cooler[1] energy free air-conditioner enhancement.

These bottle and jug top venturis economically and with environmental safety reduce ambient air temperatures up to 9 degrees as wind blows through them.

If you nested two of the bottles together in series -- as you nest cups or tubs or chairs -- the temperatures may be reduced up to 18 degrees? Stack three bottles together and... well you get the idea. I wish I were in a position to test this.

The venturi effect can reduce temperatures up to 70 degrees in a carburetor and cause icing[4]

Stacked venturis hidden under the frame would be great for vehicles. Compressed air air-conditioning has been tried in vehicles in the past but the moving air was too noisy.

Today we have active noise cancellation technology to counter the noise problem [2]

The auto Eco-cooler could be powered by air exiting the turbocharger blow off valve and then passed through the intercooler.

Or the compressed air could come from a larger turbo lag reducing storage tank that Volvo has produced [3]

Sunstone, Jan 19 2019

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[Sunstone, Jan 19 2019]

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[Sunstone, Jan 19 2019]


       Hmm. The story in the Daily Mail (not the most authoritative organ at the best of times) doesn't entirely make sense, as it shows the air cooling as it is compressed, rather than as it's expanding. But that may just be the DM's fault.   

       Does this thing really work? I suppose it might, if the air flow is from the bottlneck (outside) to the wide part (inside). Or maybe the air goes in through the wide part, dumps its heat as it gets compressed slightly through the neck, and then expands inside the room, cooling it. But either way it would need a strong breeze to achieve any significant air expansion (and hence cooling), I think.   

       Could you do this in series? I don't think it would be additive - your total cooling is limited by the overall expansion ratio and volume; the former will stay constant, and the latter will decrease if you have consecutive bottles.   

       Nice idea if it works, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2019


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