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product: refrigerator: cooling
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 (+1, -2)  Air as a refrigerant instead of Freon/CFC 
 (+3)  Combined Portable Fridge Air Conditioner 
 (+6)  Coolant Plumbing 
 (+2, -3)  Dualwave II 
   Eco-cooler air conditioner modification 
 (+2)  Flow-Through Freezer 
 (+2)  Fridge-Freezer-Air-Con 
 (+1)  Fridge with water cooled condenser 
 (+7, -1)  Fridgeridoo 
   Frozen standing wave of Mercury chest fridge 
 (+2, -3)  High-Pressure Cooling 
 (+2)  Lightspeed Fridge 
 (+5, -1)  Magnetocaloric supercooler at home 
 (+5)  Mercury refrigerator 
   Reflective Lobster Trap Fridge 
   Refrigerator/Freezer heatsink 
 (+3, -2)  Seperate condenser for fridge/freezer 
 (+10)(+10)  Toy fridge that actually cools 
   ultimate ice pack 
   Unidirectional Cooler Box 
 (+6)  UPS Freezer 
 (+6, -1)  Upside Down Cooling 
 (+2)  Water Cooled Fridge 
 (+2)  Water lily surface coating for the fridge glass door 


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