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Eco-positive industry

Production that enhances the natural habitat
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[edited 2017]

Eco-positive industry is a new term meaning an industry dedicated to production which enhances, revitalizes and revives nature and restores the habitat where it is located and where its products are used or have an effect.

An antonym to eco-positive industries is Greenwash. A bus company that uses "clean fuel" and paints its buses green is a Greenwash company. A bus company that plants trees along the roads it uses, has every station with a planted garden on its roof, pays its drivers fairly without exploiting them, and sees to the safety of the pedestrians and other drivers while taking care of the comfort of the passengers, and listening to their transportation needs - is an eco-positive company.

An oil company that has every rig at sea hosting a research team from Greenpeace, funding marine restoration activities from it, that pays for setting up underwater cleanup systems (I would recommend Mapal aeration...) at every port their ships stop at, an oil company that compensates the peoples displaced in Niger and Somaly and re-establishes their communities, that pays the oil pirates in Eritrea and gives them a safe and permanent position in the river cleanup operations and lost oil retrival efforts - that's an eco-positive industry.

An eco-positive industry is a sustainable industry that behaves natively and rehabilitates local nature.

This idea will not solve the problem of "green-washing" but is a genuine attempt to tackle the problems of waste, environmental destruction, extinction and anti- diversification.

Eco-positive industry will become the new way of creating an economic industry that besides being sustainable, and environmentally friendly, itself merges with the local environment it is based in, planned so that it will have a strong positive effect on its surroundings.

No more ugly industrial buildings. No more destruction of beautiful scenery. An end to the horrific side effects of manufacturing. A turnaround point for the ruinous effects of poisonous pollution. Life for the species and environments that are threatened with extinction.

Finally, a new way of planning and developing industry. Eco positive industry involves a multidisciplinary approach including architecture, economics, ecology, inventiveness and of course expertise in whatever field that particular industry is involved in.

Eco-positive industry plants are built to blend in with the surrounding environment and even to re-establish ruined natural habitats.

Willy Smitt's Orang-Utang park in Borneo would be considered an early example of eco-positive industry, but a better example would be a modern manufacturing facility with buildings built into the ground, and serving as a nature preserve, like the Rothchild park in Zichron Yaakov in Israel, which has a section developing bio-pesticides, but serves as a recreational park and a study center of ecology.

Like a person who has a career and wants it to make money, but not to kill her/him, and would be thrilled if it is also a dream job that they love, a true eco-positive industry would be established with two incentives: The first to create a large income, the second to be a "positive pump" in sustaining the environment and proactively protecting nature.

Perhaps a public eco-positive society could monitor the "eco- positivity" of these new companies and their facilities, and we could expect eco-positive cities and an eco-positive lifestyle to follow.

pashute, Jun 01 2015


       Well, yes, but it's a bit "let's all". You've given examples of eco-positive industries, so what's novel in this idea?   

       I think the most eco-positive thing would be to provide contraception and reduce child mortality in the poorer parts of the world, in the hope of slowing and reversing population growth. That, and lock up all the people who say they want to preserve the natural environment "for our children".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 01 2015

       I would like to preserve the natural environment for my children. Yes, its a serious problem. Did you know that the monarch butterfly is endangered now due to the lack of milkweed?   

       As to the idea, its a bit thin. Sending China back to the pre-industrial age would go far.
RayfordSteele, Jun 04 2015

       No, its not "sending China back to the pre-industrial age". Its advancing China to a post slavery age, where people live around and work in factories that are beautiful and that actually promote the natural habitat that was there before.
pashute, Jun 09 2015

       sp. Orang-Utan
pertinax, Jun 12 2015


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