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Conspicous Rewilding

Leverage the wealthy to fund reforestation
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A company is set up that will purchase land to replant forests. Shares are issued in this company to raise the required capital, with one share per hectare that will be purchased by the company. The bearers will be entitled to a share of whatever net income is generated by the company from the sale of permits for such things as camping, hunting, fishing etc, which will be strictly limited (the aim is to rewild, though in the absence of major predators - I am thinking of Britain here - humans will have to manage the ecosystem). The land will be open to the public.

Possibly, possession of a share entitles the bearer to construct a small holiday cottage of no more than 25 square meter footprint on a hectare of the land, provided it is built to an appropriate standard and does not disturb the local wildlife.

Selky, Oct 08 2016

Rewilding Britain http://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/
Charity dedicated to doing what it's called [Selky, Oct 08 2016]

Wiki article on Rewilding https://en.wikipedi...nservation_biology)
[Selky, Oct 08 2016]


       Famous people might go for this!
beanangel, Oct 08 2016

       If this idea works well in Britain then maybe it can be adapted to trickier habitats, such as the Sahara Desert, or Antarctica.
Wrongfellow, Oct 11 2016

       There is no damn reason to protect the desert. We could cover 60% of the world's desert with solar panels in a single day without any loss of diversity.
Voice, Oct 11 2016

       Where do you live, [Voice]?
normzone, Oct 11 2016

       I think there are organisations that do this for rainforests.   

       In the UK, the Woodland Trust owns and manages (and in some cases creates) many woodlands; I suspect that a donation to them would go partially into buying more woodland for preservation. You don't get shares, as far as I know, though.   

       You can also (again in the UK) buy various plots of woodland yourself, often fairly cheaply, and usually with stipulations as to what you can and can't do with the land.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2016

       //Where do you live//   

       On Sol III, why?
Voice, Oct 11 2016

       [MB], woodland still tends to go for upwards of £40k a lot, though the lots are generally quite large. My thinking is to target those who are somewhat less wealthy than that, but who can afford to perhaps £5-10k, and to use it to reforest rather than purchase existing woodland. Basically joint ownership of woodland, for the enjoyment of the shareholders, except the woodland won't exist for a few years after the initial set up (though I'm sure the shares would rise in price - amenity woodland seems to be much more expensive than bare ground).
Selky, Oct 12 2016

       Hmm. Well, fair enough. Why not set up such a scheme?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2016


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