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Ecuadorian SpacePort

If you build it, They WILL come!
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Let's Build a World SpacePort. I can only surmise that if there are aliens congesting the astral highways that they tend to change the channel when they get our annoying commercial signals.
I mean, would you drive to Delueth, Minnesota just because the constantly bombarded you with Happy Days? Why not advertise the best of Humanity as well as possible refueling chemicals in order to encourage commerce?
Zimmy, Aug 23 2003

Space Rocket Launch Sites Around The World http://www.spacetod...ts/LaunchSites.html
[jurist, Jan 09 2007]


       Why in Ecuador?
friendlyfire, Aug 23 2003

       Chile would be silly, But Peru will do.
DeathNinja, Aug 23 2003

       Unless it's actually an equatorial spaceport.   

       Which would be the logical place to put one.
friendlyfire, Aug 23 2003

       If UnaBubba and friendlyfire mean the equatorial space center in Alcantara, Brazil, the idea is then doubly baked. They lost their third rocket on the launch pad yesterday in a spectacular explosion. At the latest report, twentyone technicians lost their lives as they were preparing for a launch of two satellites on Monday.
jurist, Aug 24 2003

       I did pick Ecuador as it is on the equator and would have mountain ranges on which a landing pad could be built.
This would put potentially dangerous emissions far away from heavily populated areas and allow for less fuel required to escape orbit. I am also assuming several things:
1. There is somewhat heavy intersteller trade.
2. There might be something that an alien trading culture would find worthwhile on our Planet.
3. That possibly a UN Xeno-force could be formed to ensure the protection of aliens landing for refueling or a sampling of the local cuisine.
4. That we would somehow be able to create an understandable advertisement. (The reference to Happy Days meant that of all the data which might be getting received out there, most of it would probably discourage something from coming here if it were deciferable.)
And I did forget to take my pills again today, oh well.
Zimmy, Aug 25 2003

       //a UN Xeno-force// all dressed in black, right?
pertinax, Sep 30 2006

       Sounds like you started with one idea but explained another.   

       I hear there's advantages of launching rockets on or near the equator. That's why Kennedy is in Fla intead of Alaska. any country in that region should do.   

       As for making the TV signals that leak into space more attractive to aliens: as soon as they start buying the sponsor's products.
the great unknown, Jan 09 2007

       Why not Somalia?
Moonguy, Jun 26 2008

       Build it in the poorest available to generate income for the area.
nineteenthly, Jun 26 2008

       //That's why Kennedy is in Fla intead of Alaska//
That, and the fact that O-rings generally (though not always) work better in warmer latitudes.
coprocephalous, Jun 26 2008

       Preheated in any number of novels.
normzone, Jun 26 2008

       Assuming all that you've assumed, you'd also have to find out what products the aliens would want.   

       Maybe Xenon gas is a hot commodity for aliens?
talldave, Jun 26 2008


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