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Edible Fruit Stickers

Fruit stickers, that are edible
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You know those damn annoying stickers they put on fruit these days? The ones with a number that you have to peel off? Make them out of an edible material, sun-mask the numbers on, or brand the fruit.
Worldgineer, Sep 02 2005

Fruit sticker http://www.wrybread...12/pear-sticker.jpg
Look, our pears are organic. And we're going to let you know by attaching a little chunk of bleached cut-down tree dyed with petrolium based ink on them using adhesive made from ground animal bones. [Worldgineer, Sep 02 2005]

First result under "edible fruit labels" http://www.manufact...ews/srw/srw113.html
A million people think just like you, and are likewise sick and fed up of the sticky labels on fruit. [DrCurry, Sep 04 2005]

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       did you know that its illegal to remove those stickers for health and safety reasons?   

       fishy for interfering with the government.   

       make the orange ones taste of apple and I will change my vote!
po, Sep 02 2005

       is this a rant?
po, Sep 02 2005

       No, it's an idea - or actually three ideas. Your //fishy for interfering with the government// may inspire a rant though.   

       Here are the ideas:
a) Make labels out of edible products. Rice paper, soy ink, and vegetable gum comes to mind.
b) Place reusable masks on fruit while it grows. When removed, there will be a lighter portion with the required information.
c) Use a hot iron or laser to burn the number on fruit.
Worldgineer, Sep 02 2005

       late here, but I love the idea of an apple tasting orange sticker. pinch it or I will use it by Tuesday...
po, Sep 02 2005

       You mean those stickers aren't edible already?   

       No, really, I thought they should do something about this for a long time. I dunno about putting it on the fruit while it grows. Pretty herculean task. Lots of fruit is never individually handled anyway, and this seems to call for that. I vote for rice paper.
oxen crossing, Sep 03 2005

       Personally, I like the laser branding.
Worldgineer, Sep 03 2005

       and what will they sick the rice paper on with? i was thinking.. tuty-fruity glue..
Blackfish, Sep 03 2005

       The stickers ARE edible already. I mean, it's paper. You can eat and be fine. Still, bun for wondering about those small things in life that people usually don't notice.
Pericles, Sep 03 2005

       It may technically be edible, but I certainly wouldn't want to eat it - texture alone. And if you don't eat it, then you have this little piece of paper with wet torn plum skin attached. What do you do then? Go and find a garbage for this tiny piece of trash? Hold on to it until you've eaten your fruit? Flick it at strangers? Ok, this last option is mildly appealing, but the others make life a little less enjoyable.
Worldgineer, Sep 03 2005

       This is one of those ideas that is five minutes too late. As noted on IBD, they* are about to start branding fruit, replacing labels altogether.   

       *whoever they are.
DrCurry, Sep 04 2005

       Yay! Thanks, [DrC]. I hope they start soon (maybe They were listening?).
Worldgineer, Sep 04 2005


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