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Banana Zipper

The way nature intended, but lacked the technology for
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Have trouble finishing an ENTIRE banana? Hate to see the rest of the fruit turn brown and mushy and go to waste? Don't we all. Fret over fruit no longer with the handy Banana Zipper!

Simply slice the peel down the length of the banana with an ordinary kitchen knife, razor blade, or two-handed claymore, then insert the zipper into the banana peel, making sure to tuck the flange between the skin and the fruit on either side of the banana. Banana too long? No problem, just don't make the cut all the way down. Banana too short? Tough luck, next time buy longer bananas.

Then simply unzip, whip out your banana, and go to town! Just remember to zip back up when you're finished.

ytk, May 26 2018


       Zippy in fruit. All that is needed is a ovoid melon and two apple halves with inserted half blue plums.
wjt, May 26 2018


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