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Elbow Cushions

There's no other category for this...
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For those of you who like to recline on your stomach to read or write or watch TV, etc., you may be aware of the sharp and insistent pain that develops in your elbows from leaning on them. You could just lie on a bed or sofa, but that's no good for writing - you need a good hard floor. So I propose elbow cushions! You simply strap these fuzzy, soft little cushions around your arm where your elbow joint is, and lean away to your heart's, and your elbows', content.
bookends, May 14 2006

Reclining Girl http://www.ashfield...teenage%20girl3.jpg
This is the sort of reclining I meant. [bookends, May 14 2006]

Inflatable arms Inflatable_20arms
[skinflaps, May 15 2006]

sheepskin elbow pads...looks comfy http://www.healingfibres.com/ek.html
which makes these baked. [xandram, May 15 2006]


       what's wrong with ordinary cushions?
po, May 14 2006

       Too big for the budding writer, and also the material is often surprisingly rough on smooth elbow skin. I know from experience. Sigh.
bookends, May 14 2006

       what's the difference apart from size?
po, May 14 2006

       The strap.
methinksnot, May 14 2006

       I guess the only difference is the fact that they're strapped on, the fact that they are made of furry, comfortable material, and the fact that they are smaller than ordinary cushions. But I guess I thought that was enough, because they're not actually the same as ordinary cushions. Shmeh.
bookends, May 14 2006

       //thought that was enough// oh, bless.
po, May 14 2006

       Be nice, [po].
methinksnot, May 14 2006

       I'm always nice. ;)
po, May 14 2006


       Don't you bless me... *mumble* *grumble* *storm off, bereft of a better comeback*
bookends, May 14 2006

       I think these sound like a great idea. The most difficult part would be finding a material that would not rub wrong after some time.
mattgrosso, May 15 2006

       hmmm, something soft, cheap yet firm? hmmmm...   

       (even alliliterative?)
po, May 15 2006

       How about some offcuts from those soft bras [po] was marketing?
methinksnot, May 16 2006

       have you guys not looked the link I posted with "Sheepskin Elbow pads"? These are so baked.
xandram, May 17 2006


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