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Election Candidate Short-listing Via Job Interview Format

You could even do it like 'america can dance' audition, and display it on youtube and TV
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Issue with elections, is that sometimes it takes lots of money to be a candidate. This often force people to join parties to get exposure and increase their chance of getting elected.

What may help is if potential candidates have to go though a multi-stage interview, where the judges are randomly selected citizens.

First round of selections will be via a resume, then later its a video, then in person interviews.

First round should be easy to pass, but later on will be harder to get though. As the candidates go up a level, the number of judges increases, and each judge will review the content and comments from the judges at lower level.

The final short list will be presented for election, with all the interviews they had being publicly accessible.


Since judges are normal citizens, at higher levels the judges could have the option of hiring experts to provide advise about a candidate.


You could also adopt other job interview techniques like group interviews, or debates, or team building exercises. And show that on TV too for fun.


pros: It's like a job interview

cons: It's like a job interview

mofosyne, Feb 04 2016

Elo rating system https://en.wikipedi...i/Elo_rating_system
The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor-versus-competitor games such as chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-born American physics professor. [mofosyne, Feb 05 2016]

Mock Job Interview for President with Donald Trump https://www.youtube...watch?v=Xb7jWw5lft4
[tatterdemalion, Feb 05 2016]


       I'd think more judges would be necessary at the earlier levels. If each candidate is reviewed by only one or two citizens, they could be prematurely rejected due to differing political views.
notexactly, Feb 04 2016

       Yea sample size is important when dealing with this, but at the same time it needs to be scalable. The initial stage is just applicants videos and resume, with a lower threshold to getting into second stage.   


       Another sub idea, is that interviews could also have a debate component, where you debate against another person over multiple rounds. You are then ranked via the "Elo rating system"
mofosyne, Feb 05 2016

       These are comments from Aamorta and tetrismegistus in some chatroom about this idea:   


       aamorta say on the format:   

       Critiquing the "American Idol" format for a moment....I have had two close friends audition for one of those TV talent shows. One of my friends is a good singer. He was passed over for people that were not as talented, but had more style and flamboyance. Style and flamboyance doesn't run a country.   

       What I would like to see: pit the candidates in televised strategy and RPG games. D&D (one session mini game) Axis and Allies, Chess, etc. and then have them field questions about their strategy and approach. I'd also like to see some candid camera video of how nice the candidates would be to vulnerable members of society (like the homeless).   

       The strategy and RPG games? I'm not suggesting we determine a candidate based on the winners of the games, just that I think those things would be very revealing about the candidates.   


       tetrismegistus adds to previous commenter says:   

       I agree, seeing how a person competes in a strategic game could tell you a lot about how they would handle things in a real deal. Do they try to intimidate their opponent with cross talk (any game)? Do they seem to have memorized large numbers of openings (chess)?   

       My only problem with this is it would be yet another field for politics. D&D advisors recommending what kind of game play will garner the most favor, etc   


       Aamorta critique on issues with current interviews in corporate job interviews:   

       Yeah, but how many people pass job interviews with flying colors because they are so fake?   

       And would the questions be a template? Would each judge be asking different things?   

       When my friend does job interviews he asked crazy bullshit questions (to programmers) like: if you were trapped in a gym with 30 bloodthirsty first graders armed with weapons, what would you do?   


       tetrismegistus backs my ideas saying:   

       the way I see it, this proposal seems to address the participation of real people (actual citizens who don't have a direct influence by special interests) in evaluating the nature of the candidates that are selected. That is, right now, a monstrous apparatus totally disconnected from the wants and needs of its citizens selects the candidates
mofosyne, Feb 08 2016


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