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Electric Car Pantograph

Hook into the overhead cables just like electric buses.
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In San Francisco, and many other cities, electric buses get their power by connecting a pantograph arm to HV cables strung over streets along their routes. I want an electric battery powered (or hybrid) car that has a pantograph on the roof so I too can hook to the overhead wires. That would provide a huge savings in battery power in stop and go city traffic and might even charge up the battery while I was idling. The added bonus is that the city would surely raise a fit, ensuring that I would be on the nightly news in every city in the U.S. the first day I used it.
riromero, Jul 04 2003

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       I thought a pantograph was a machine that determined the size of jeans you should wear.
Cedar Park, Jul 04 2003

       Think how fun this could be combined with skid steering and all wheel steering for Metropolis driving.
Tiger Lily, Jul 05 2003

       i thought this had something to do with removing your pants with tiny electric cars
slapdash loser, Jul 05 2003

       so disappointed, I thought you were going to do really big drawings...
po, Jul 05 2003

       A more important question is what kind of electric car idles? I could've sworn they only consume power when the motor is exerting some force i.e. when it's moving or trying not to roll back down a hill.
squigbobble, Dec 11 2005


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