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Electric car charger electric car

remotely controled charger car
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A remotely controled charger battery on wheels for charging electric cars.

For places without electricity or without outlets.

folds into a wall shape to park alongside parked car that needs charging. or maybe flat shape that rides under the parked car that needs recharging.

Once they are used they are sent to be recharged or gathered by the recharging supplier.

pashute, Jul 14 2022


       Double the battery losses. May be more efficient to have a diesel generator that the car could plug into (though this is semi-baked)
pocmloc, Jul 14 2022

       So by the title are we to assume that one can choose to use the thing, or not?   

       Proposed new title: Eclectic Electic Car Charger Electric Car.
whatrock, Jul 14 2022

       Eutectic car charger. It melts like the T-1000 to move around.
RayfordSteele, Jul 14 2022

       ... but very slowly and safely, because of its protective tectonic architecture.   

       The world expects the eutectic detective.   

       tect ...
tect ...
tect ...
pertinax, Jul 14 2022

       Came here to say what [what/Ray/pert] said, mas o menos. Grandmere N@zees shawarmaed all over this one, onced.   

       Dibs on driving the big truck that collects all the little epileptic car charger wall/creeper units for rechargement.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 14 2022

       My spell checker only checked the description section but not the idea name.   

       ...In how many ways can one word go wrong?
pashute, Jul 14 2022

       I like the actual idea - though I would probably be freaked out seeing one on the road for the first time. [+]   

       [pocmloc], the battery losses don't trouble me much, because batteries can be charged from intermittent power sources, at times of day when a few extra kWh at the margin are virtually free.
pertinax, Jul 15 2022


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