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Electric Eel Aquaponic Farm

Electric Eel Aquaponic Farming
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Electric eels eat and make waste. the waste water is pumped out to water plants in a green house though hydroponics. The electric eels power everything by charging batteries or capacitors. The Eel swim though woven carbon nanotube or carbon ribbon grass that collects the energy to produce the electric charge.

The pumps are powered by that and waste water peculates different layers of rock and sand and soil. The plant roots reach the waste water and clean it as the plants draw up waste water and nitrates.

The cleaned water goes back into the electric eel water tank. As batteries and or capacitors are charges the electric power goes into a transformer or a inverter to run everything.

Any excess power could go to running the house. Basically it is supposed to be a way to raise electric eels and make electric power as well as using their waste to grow plants in a hydroponic green house. :/

travbm, Dec 15 2015

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