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Pets welcomed here

A leg up on lighting costs in parks
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A fuel cell collar surrounds the base of each lamp post in your city parks and sidewalks.

Fido, Rover, Scout, Max, Buddy, Jake, et al, just do what comes naturally.

Molly, Daisy, and Sadie should be be VERY impressed. Light = dominance. Fido, Rover, and Scout note the impression made. Redouble their efforts.

Happiness all around.

outloud, Nov 15 2009

Materials at hand http://news.nationa...8_urinebattery.html
[outloud, Nov 15 2009]


       The pee isn't the energy source -- it's merely the electrolyte. In the linked article, magnesim and copper strips are the actual energy source.   

       Normal batteries (with a liquid or paste electrolte) have a finite shelf life; they go bad because the chemicals gets used up before the battery even gets used.   

       The advantage of using pee as an electrolyte (in the linked article) is that the paper between the metal strips remains dry (preventing any chemical reaction) until pee is added. This gives the diagnostic test strip an almost infinite shelf life.   

       However, since the metal strips are the energy source, the lifespan of the battery (once the electrolyte has been added) is no greater than that of any other battery. The metals get used up, and the battery goes dead. Replacing the electrolyte won't accomplish anything.
goldbb, Nov 15 2009

       a little ground voltage and the dog gets and exciting surprise!
WcW, Nov 15 2009


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