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Electric Pyjamas

Not Recommended for Bedwetters
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Electric pj's operate just like your standard electric blanket, with the little wee coils running through the fabric and a little thermostat for temperature control.
The power cord could come out at one of the ankles and plug into the nearest outlet. Have one of those anti-twist thingies so you don't wake up strangling in the cord.
And think of the attachments! Clock radio, back massager, high-frequency hum to repel insects.
Possibilities are endless, really.
lintkeeper2, Nov 05 2003

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       wee coils? recoils..shock you into wakefulness in the morning? I could use that feature.
po, Nov 05 2003

       small snakes?
silverstormer, Nov 05 2003

       i don't think i would want to be wrap in something that plugged into the wall....
punkypoo, Nov 05 2003

       Wireless heating.. would be a way to go..
artist, Nov 05 2003

       sounds oddly familiar... [link].
k_sra, Nov 05 2003

       Piezo pyjamas? All that tossing and turning converts to heat.   

       The aerospace industry has baked the opposite - cooling suits ... the McLaren F1 pit crews wear the cooled suits ... with links ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 05 2003

       [pp]/[art] The only alternative I could come up with to plugging into the wall was a battery pack, and I thought that would be less comfortable.
lintkeeper2, Nov 05 2003

       So what happens if you pee your pants at night? do you electrocute yourself?? I rather have a reachargable electric piyama so that its not connected to the wall.
SmartyPants, Nov 05 2003

       Make sure you use surge protection!
silverstormer, Nov 06 2003

       Most of us don't pee the bed anymore, [SmartyPants], but perhaps this would work as negative reinforcement for you, to clear that little issue up.
lintkeeper2, Nov 06 2003

       Good riposte [lintkeeper2]. I guess with these you wouldn't really need the duvet/covers anymore? In fact, if you made the pyjamas thick and spongy (don't get excited [SmartyPants] - not for that reason!) then you would be cushioned and you wouldn't need any of the whole bed-assembly thing at all - you could sleep anywhere in warmth and comfort! My only problem though - how do you wash the electric pyjamas? Are the coils etc removable?
dobtabulous, Nov 06 2003

       Now *that's* an idea!
lintkeeper2, Nov 06 2003

       mmm...makes me sleepy...but a croissant before i doze off...
Mistress Bling, Nov 07 2003


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