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Electric Seat

Comes down when you stop or slow, & back up when you step on pedal
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The seat gets lower when you slow down or stop. The seat goes back to your preferred height

The app can also control the seat height and bring it up to the correct height once you start riding.

You could bring the seat up to your home and use it as an electric chair.

pashute, May 15 2024

iBOT https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBOT
[a1, May 15 2024]

Tall bikes https://www.instruc...a-better-Tall-Bike/
[a1, May 15 2024]

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       I guess you could program an iBOT to do that. But why?
a1, May 15 2024

       Had to look at the category to understand this idea is for a bicycle seat.
sninctown, May 15 2024

       I missed the category entirely, I thought it was for an electric wheelchair. Especially as the last part of the write-up suggests bringing it inside as an electric chair.
a1, May 15 2024

Voice, May 15 2024

       Maybe to help mount/dismount a tall bike?
a1, May 15 2024

       Bah, a penny farthing was good enough for my great grandad and it's good enough for me.
Voice, May 15 2024

       Same. The original fixie.
a1, May 15 2024

       Before I checked the category (thank you [a1]), I thought this was for toilet seats.
normzone, May 16 2024

       Have we all moved on from having a perilous top bar only for (adolescent) men, or are we still going balls to the wall?
4and20, May 16 2024






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