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Elliptical machine vehicle

powered by the same motion as the elliptcial machines in the gym
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An elliptical machine, like at the gym, but your motion powers the movement of the wheels. Could be either mechanical or electro-mechanical (your motion powers a generator which powers motors). You get all the viewing outdoor pleasure of a bicycle, but with the low-impact workout of an elliptical.

You'll do much more motion/steps than any one length of linear travel (unavoidably however the machine works), which will be part of what will make you look ridiculous and hilarious.

I am clearly a genius and shall be expecting my million dollars now.

EdwinBakery, Nov 19 2012

Baked http://www.streetst...com/streetstriders/
Probably not WKTE though. [MechE, Nov 19 2012]

More Baked http://www.elliptigo.com/products.html
[MechE, Nov 19 2012]


       See links. The mechanism is inherently much heavier than a bike, less efficient for a given style (single speed or geared), and cycling is already low impact.
MechE, Nov 19 2012

       Baked indeed - I've tried the elliptigo at a fair, and yeah, I did look ridiculous, but that's par for the course.   

       Btw, a bicycle makes for pretty low impact exercise, unless you're a 'roided up nutcase who likes to go up hills in sixth gear.
DrCurry, Nov 19 2012


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