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Electric slug trail circuit board and more

Electronic slugs leaving solder on a circuit board and more
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Further to my DIL centipedes, I propose a bare circuit board which is eventually colonised by centipedes, but before that happens electronic slugs leaving trails of molten metal slither all over the board, then the centipede integrated circuits come over and become trapped in the solidifying metal, thereby forming an electronic device of some description. Then seeds which grow into other components such as capacitors and resistors are sprinkled on the board. Given time and enough water (or something else), these will sprout, at first into mushrooms and other little seedling like components, later to branch, blossom and fruit into trees of other components. In the meantime, the centipedes breed and give birth to new generations of microchips using their ROM-stored data and the slugs go off and lay eggs for new electronic slugs. The whole lot to feed upon some kind of mineral paste and bask in the sun before being incorporated into new mobile phones, laptops, televisions or whatever.

They are also capable of evolving and breeding into completely useless new electronic forms which can be thrown away.

No factories necessary, only electrical ecosystems.

nineteenthly, Sep 06 2015

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       IIRC, the DIL centipedes operate like a certain type of robot. That type of robot probably has its own integrated circuit(s) inside it, which is/are not centipedes.   

       If it's not centipedes all the way down, I don't see how the different layers of meta-ness are going to interlock properly here.
pertinax, Sep 07 2015

       The packages have a chip inside them which can also move the legs.
nineteenthly, Sep 07 2015

       You are going to need a whole lotta tiny shoes, me thinks. Me thinks, me thinks.
blissmiss, Sep 07 2015

       If it were in an art category I would have bunned it.
Voice, Sep 07 2015

       Meh, my computer has too many bugs as it is.
AusCan531, Sep 08 2015

       [+] don't forget the wirewrap spider.
FlyingToaster, Sep 08 2015

       Seems like an ecosystem out there somewhere. Being based on silicon and rare metal isotopes, it's where you go to stalk and trap your next generation computer development.
wjt, Sep 08 2015


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