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Power Plants near dairy farms.
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Build power generators near large dairy farms in the Central Valley. Use the manure from the dairy to produce methane fuel. The dried manure could also be burned, leaving no toxic residue. Sewage treatment plants have been using methane from the treatment process as fuel for years.
kpatten, Feb 05 2001

Cows with tubes, etc. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Cowgas
[jutta, Feb 05 2001]


       <visions of thousands of cows, a tube in one end dumping in food, a tube in the other dumping out <ahem> methane...>
StarChaser, Feb 05 2001

       Surley if you kept them locked in a sealed shed the shed would fill up with meathane from the cows and you could pump it out.
CasaLoco, Jul 11 2001

       [CasaLoco]: That's exactly what the TW piece was about. As suggested, it didn't work out.
angel, Jul 12 2001

       2012 - baked to the bone.
pashute, Nov 15 2012


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