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Electrostatic soil conservation

Ionized tractor plow blades to capture topsoil dust
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Got this idea after one too many late night ionic breeze commercials, then driving past a tractor plowing up a field. It was leaving a plume of dust behind it. Therefore: Attach a heavy-duty ion generator to the moldboard or coulter (the part of the plow that actually cuts into the earth) which captures this dust. Probably save an inch or two of soil after a while. I suppose you could also try a simple vaccuum system but I think a static field would be cooler.
cloudface, Apr 08 2004


       Wouldn't that electrocute all the worms, or at least give them bad headaches?
kbecker, Apr 08 2004

       cloudface: Go look up the definition of "earth" or "ground" as applied to electricity. Now consider that you're sticking your metal plow into the real thing. You won't even get as far as electrocuting those innocent earthworms - the charge will dissipate as fast as you can generate it. You need to tow the device on an insulated cart behind the tractor, and keep shoveling off the accumulated dust.   

       Though it would still be easier just to spray water ahead of and around the plow.
DrCurry, Apr 08 2004

       Mounting an ion generator near the plow blade should be close enough.
Laughs Last, Apr 08 2004


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