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Elevator Countdown

Display the seconds that the evevator would take to get to my floor
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Murphy’s law: i call the elevator and it takes forever to get there.... the water fountain is close but if i go there i will miss my shuttle!! So i just wait. I wish there was a display on the outside of the elevator that calculated the appox. Number of seconds to get to my floor...
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 13 2003


       category: Public : elevator
po, Nov 13 2003

       Never thought I'd see you near an elevator again, po, heh.
Helium, Nov 13 2003

       Issue: some people are slow to get on/off elevators, plus you don't know where they will get on/off until they've pressed a button. I can imagine the estimate could change dramatically by the time it gets to your floor.
Worldgineer, Nov 13 2003

       It would be like Window's estimated download timers ... "oh, cool, a 21 second ride ... wait ... 41 ... 10 mins ... damnit ... " *bing* "ok ... there we go"
Letsbuildafort, Nov 13 2003

       [Worldgineer] I agree that the estimate would keep on changing… But at least the estimate can only go up! I mean if it says 15 seconds i know i can safely walk to the water fountain and get my drink!
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 13 2003

       I come over all strange, dear..in a nice way :)
po, Nov 13 2003

       [ravenswood] excellent idea!
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 13 2003

       High rises have had signs displaying the floors the elevators are currently on for almost as long as there have been elevators. Usually those are more than adequate for gauging when you can step away to the water cooler.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       This would probably work better in a really tall, two story building, like the Washington Monument.   

       At Duke Hospital in Durham, NC, there's a little car that travels between the parking deck and the hospital called the PRT. It looks like a sideways elevator from the outside, and there's a display that says how many seconds it will arrive.
Jake, Jul 07 2005

       beter yet, how baout wehn you go through a door towards teh elevators it automatically pushes button, would work where there is noone on floor level
sagebergcross, Apr 03 2007

       sagebergcross: that's a good idea, and one I almost posted myself. Go ahead and post it, and you'll get at least my croissant. But please, for the love of Mike, use a spell-checker first!
DrCurry, Apr 03 2007


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